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  Supply Chain and Product Security

SynTegra works with you to secure your domestic and/or international supply chain from:

  • Diversion
  • Counterfeits
  • Unwarranted use of your Intellectual Property (IP)

Diversion.  Utilizing our deep knowledge of the industry and its’ distributors, SynTegra has been able to uncover significant variances in “sales out” and inventory levels at contract manufacturers.   SynTegra has demonstrated the subject-matter expertise to help the manufacturer identify the source of its problems and can customize this work to your specific needs.

Counterfeits.  The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requests major drug companies to do more to combat the growing problem of counterfeit drugs, which currently account for 10% of the global pharmaceutical market.  Engaging SynTegra to keep a watchful eye on the product in the supply chain will supplement your compliance efforts.  Monitoring product supply chain analytics, utilizing onsite surface inspections and balancing trading partner activities can identify drugs produced using manufacturing methods other than the originally intended.

Domestic / International Supply Chain Security.  SynTegra will monitor the transactions by Distributor, Supplier, or Wholesaler in each country, region, or market to provide visibility of your domestic and/or international supply chain.  An analysis of suspicious supply chain activity identifying product movement by market and reconciling your supply chain activities end-to-end can help prevent fraudulent supply chain activity. Onsite cGMP and Distributor Audits will insure your outsourced suppliers conform to rigorous U.S. standards. 'For Cause' audits can help you understand discrepancies or unusual activity found in data reports and large or suspicious loss or damaged claims. An inventory reconciliation by market will provide:

  • Monthly sales & analysis of transactions and customized alerts
  • Days' supply of inventory
  • Analysis of opening/closing stock transactions

SynTegra has both the expertise and technology to assist you in securing your business.  Put the SynTegra advantage to work for you!


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