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  Operational Audits

SynTegra Solutions performs a comprehensive review of your distributorís operations by employing a proprietary audit process utilizing PDMA, HDMA and DEA guidelines and regulations.


SynTegra will review:

  • Distributor compliance with PDMA/DEA requirements and HDMA guidelines
  • SOP documentation and adherence
  • Returns processing

During the audit, SynTegra will Inspect Inventories to understand:

  •  Data analysis of inventory to detect:
    - Alternate sourcing
    - Counterfeit product
    - Speculative purchasing patterns
  • Receiving, storage and shipment procedures
  • Cold chain management
  • Handling of hazardous materials
  • General facility condition and housekeeping 

In addition, we will review Security Processes to insure:

  • QA processes and procedures are in place
  • Security processes and procedures, including computer systems security are being monitored
  • DC staffing and training is being conducted

Returns Audits

SynTegra will provide a clear and understandable overview of your returns processing. During the audit, SynTegra will analyze return submissions from the Reverse Distributor for the following:

  • Customer verification. Segregates 'suspicious' customers, ones having high return volume or missing DEA numbers, and insures that customers are eligible for return credit, based on your policy.
  • Proper crediting of returns. Quantify the extent of pricing discrepancies and the allocation of credit to the customer.
  • Detects and manages returns which are not eligible for credit, based on your return goods policy.


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