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  Data Management Services

Secure Your Supply Chain. Manufacturers seek to secure their supply chains by employing tools for timely analytics focused on preventing and detecting diversion in the supply chain. Data Analytics can help you understand:

  • Discrepancies or unusual activity found in data reports
  • Large or suspicious losses

Establish Vigilance. Secondarily, a frequent and ongoing review of a manufacturer’s product movement demonstrates to the distributor community and the public that the manufacturer has adopted a “best business practice” model by establishing vigilance around its supply chain and illicit trade in domestic and international markets


Protect Your Brand Equity.  Today, a manufacturer sees compelling business reasons for conducting a monthly review of factory data including building and protecting its brand equity.


Domestic / International Supply Chain Security.   SynTegra will monitor the transactions by Distributor, Supplier, or Wholesaler in each country, region, or market to provide visibility of your international supply chain. Onsite cGMP and Distributor Audits will insure your outsourced suppliers conform to rigorous U.S. standards. These audits can help prevent fraudulent supply chain activity by providing an analysis of suspicious supply chain activity that identifies product movement by market reconciling your supply chain activities end-to-end. Inventory reconciliation by market will provide:

  • Monthly sales & analysis of transactions and customized alerts
  • Days' supply of inventory
  • Analysis of opening/closing stock transactions

SynTegra has both the expertise and technology to assist you in securing your business.  Put the SynTegra advantage to work for you!

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