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Trade Agreements


Manufacturers can leverage insights gained from SynTegra’s audit experience when constructing their Distributor Service Agreements.  SynTegra understands the comprehensive terms and conditions in service agreements.  We have the ability to incorporate best industry practices as well as tailor your agreement to your products and unique customer profiles.  Our custom agreements will optimize the distributor’s value-added services for you, help you to improve product availability and enhance your supply chain security.  We understand how to construct a performance-based agreement that is very competitive while adherent to industry standards.


VAWD Preparation and Remediation


Preparing for a VAWD audit?  Responding to a deficiency letter?  Let the experience of SynTegra help you through.  Our seasoned audit staff understands VAWD.  Our staff and auditors have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, averaging over 15 years each.  Our staff’s expertise encompasses many areas such as manufacturing, distribution, material handling, repackaging, information technology, and trade policy. We have been trusted consultants to many companies seeking VAWD certification.

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