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  Chargeback Audits

SynTegra incorporates an in-depth, tested and proven methodology to review and validate your chargeback transactions.  With extensive experience reviewing all national and regional distributors, SynTegra will:    


Evaluate Chargeback Processes 

  • Review chargeback-related processes and procedures

Validate Chargeback Claims

  • Validate legitimacy of chargebacks and identify exception transactions from:
    - Invalid contracts and members
    - Product, pricing and eligibility errors
    - Chargeback transactions to and from contract customers

Detect Suspected Diversion 

  • Qualify rebate submissions
  • Identify suspected diversion by contract customers for further investigation

With millions of lines of chargeback claims and millions of dollars paid out every year, companies feel it's prudent to routinely audit their chargeback transactions.

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