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  About SynTegra

Since 2003, SynTegra has offered a comprehensive suite of services to manufacturers. SynTegra’s audit process will measure distributor compliance to your trade agreements, as well as industry regulations, standards and guidelines. SynTegra employs a proprietary audit scoring system, Secure Supply Solutions (Sł), built upon HDMA, PDMA, and DEA guidelines and is customizable to your unique agreements and requirements.  Today, metrics are in place for more than 200 performance criteria that provide manufacturers with insights and recommendations for managing their distribution networks.  These include:

• Operations Audits
• Chargeback Audits
• Monitoring Compliance to Service Agreements
• Evaluating Product and Supply Chain Security
• Reverse Distributor Audits 

Relationships with Your Trading Partners 

Our seasoned audit staff understands your relationship with your trading partners.  All of our staff and auditors have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, averaging over 15 years each.

Our staff’s expertise encompasses many areas such as manufacturing, distribution, material handling, information technology, trading company operations and product security.  Staff members are careful and discreet during each audit engagement.  Insights are gained for our client without disrupting the distributor and their relationship with the manufacturer.

Manufacturers see a return on their investment (ROI) through:

• Securing their domestic and international supply chain
• Insuring their chargeback claims and performance agreement compensations are accurate
• Improving internal processes and best business practices 
• Refining data transmission and receipt of data
• Aligning internal processes to their external customer
• Gaining a “window” to the distributor’s back room operations
• Understanding proper credits for returns


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