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  October 19, 2011  
  SynTegra Solutions, Inc. Selected as Preferred Provider by Eisai Pharmaceuticals  




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SynTegra Solutions, Inc. Selected as Preferred Provider   

by Eisai Pharmaceuticals


October 19, 2011; GERMANTOWN, Maryland SynTegra Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce that it recently signed an agreement with Eisai Pharmaceuticals making it the preferred vendor/consultant in the area of auditing their supply chain agreements, chargeback and return transactions, and supply chain safety for another of the pharmaceutical industry’s largest manufacturers.  Steve Wilhelm, SynTegra’s President says “Manufacturers know that they can trust SynTegra to validate their wholesale transactions. Confidence in our services and expertise to the extent that SynTegra becomes their ‘auditor-of-choice’ is very gratifying.”  He states further, “As we expand our services, we build our customers’ trust and broaden their audit focus.”


Utilizing a proprietary audit process based on PDMA, DEA, and HDMA guidelines, SynTegra has identified and uncovered anomalies and revenue leaks in operations, chargebacks and return processing, and distribution service agreements on behalf of multiple manufacturers. SynTegra’s seasoned audit staff understands the complexity of the Manufacturer-Distributor relationship.  Mr. Wilhelm states “All of our staff and auditors have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, averaging over
15 years each and encompassing areas such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, information technology, EDI, chargeback transactions, distribution service agreements, and product security. It was a forward-thinking and sensible business decision for our new Manufacturer-partner to include SynTegra Solutions as part of their team.”

About SynTegra Solutions, Inc.   SynTegra Solutions, Inc. is a Delaware C-Corporation based in Germantown, Maryland.  SynTegra performs validation audits in data aggregation and data management for life science clients. SynTegra delivers comprehensive compliance management, inventory management and chargeback validation for the pharmaceutical, vaccine, and medical device and biotechnology industries.


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