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  February 10, 2011  
  SynTegra Solutions announces an expansion of their services to include audits of reverse distributors  

Germantown, MD   February 3, 2011 – SynTegra Solutions has announced an expansion of their services to include audits of reverse distributors.  

Validating return transactions to insure compliance with the manufacturer’s return policy is paramount to closing profit leaks.  “With returns running at 1-2% of gross sales, many companies see a compelling need to monitor and validate the return transaction,” commented Steve Wilhelm, SynTegra’s President.  Wilhelm noted that, “Managed care and contract pricing has become very complex. Our experience to date has shown that there can be a significant delta between the credit given for the return and the ‘true’ earned credit.  Our audit efforts have demonstrated and reduced a sizable profit leak for our clients.”

SynTegra will audit a third party returns processor for purposes of understanding the return goods process, pricing algorithms and credit procedures for all product returned.  SynTegra will conduct an analysis of returned product to determine if it was:

  • acquired through a non-authorized source; or
  • acquired by a source lacking the appropriate supporting purchase history; or
  • sold under a “no return” policy; or
  • processed on behalf of a reference supplier, without supporting purchase history.

For further information, please contact Guerdon “GR” Green, VP Sales and Marketing.

About SynTegra Solutions, Inc.   SynTegra Solutions, Inc. is based in Germantown, Maryland.  SynTegra performs validation audits in data aggregation and data management for life science clients delivering comprehensive compliance management, inventory management and chargeback validation for the pharmaceutical, vaccine, medical device and biotechnology industries.

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